How can you help? • Glioma - Center Foundation

We are currently launching gradually three main projects, the implementation of which requires financial resources and the involvement of people of good hearts. Familiarize yourself with our PROJECTS.

Dzieląc się doświadczeniem by sharing your experience

for patients and their families. Help by making contact and building up relations

Dzieląc się wiedząby sharing your knowledge

for medical doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, lawyers. Make available your knowledge and your time to help patients understand their illness. Contact us filling the support form (>>>) if you are willing to support patients with advice, such as, for instance, information about the interpretation of MRI or other test results. We are aware that the doctor in charge is not always able to answer all questions since great numbers of patients do not always allow it. And sometimes it is just talking that is enough

Dzieląc się czasem by sharing your time

for everybody. Become a volunteer and find pleasure in helping others

Skontaktuj się z nami poprzez formularz wsparcia, aby wyrazić swoją chęć i dać znać w jakiej formie najbardziej chciałbyś pomóc

The support form

    by sharing your experienceby sharing your knowledgeby sharing your time

    The operator of personal data is the Glioma-Center Foundation, with the registered office at Nowa 9, Wola Filipowska , NIP NIP:5130259199. The Foundation can be contacted either via contact form in writing, using the above postal address. Personal data entered in the forms will be used for correspondence, to provide answers to questions sent to the operator, including analysis of requests, finding solutions to queries, preparing answers, providing information about purposes and activities of the Foundation as well as for analytic and statistic purposes. ).