About us • Glioma - Center Foundation

The Glioma-Center Foundation was born out of the need to help, and the website that you are visiting is the sum total of personal experience related to our search for ways to treat malignant glioblastoma.
Looking for relevant information, we went through scores of meetings, we talked to doctors who work in renowned clinics all over the world, we read hundreds of scientific articles, we got to know the results of innumerable studies and made contact with many patients and their families, whose experience we shared.

All these activities made us realize that although the present state of knowledge does not allow for successful treatment of malignant glioblastoma, at each available stage of the procedure it is both possible and worthwhile to choose, with full awareness, optimum solutions, taking into account the quality of life of the patient over the longest possible period of time. It is worthwhile to have this knowledge, and to make conscious decisions. However, information concerning various possibilities is not necessarily part of common knowledge, and hence the initiative to create this site. It is a center of practical information, available to people facing the difficult diagnosis as well as to their families. It is a center that offers help to people who feel lost among the plethora of information. It offers help to all diagnosed patients in need, irrespective of their age.

It is not our intention to provide full description of all possible options and scenarios. We do not focus upon scholarly definitions or statistics, such that can be found on many other websites. What we want to do is to provide practical clues and to express them in the simplest way possible: where to look for consultation, how to obtain additional information, what are the costs, how to improve the chances at each stage of the struggle.

The Foundation is ready to offer help and support to all people in need. On the long list of its aims there are, among other things, to facilitate access to consultations and innovative procedures, to integrate activities and to provide knowledge about all new hopeful medical achievements. We are also determined to look for ways of financial support of our charges.

We are convinced that there is a wide spectrum of possibilities on the way from the verdict and the belief that nothing can be done to an effect bordering on miracle and magic: complete cure. These possibilities are worthy of consideration! It makes sense to act!